Now What: Ascension Sunday

May 12, 2024    Alex Smith

In this sermon, Pastor Alex Smith explores the significance of Jesus' ascension and what it means for our lives today. As Jesus ascends into heaven, we find parallels with our struggles, needs, and fears.

After his resurrection, Jesus spends time convincing his disciples he's alive.

He spends 40 days teaching about the Kingdom, preparing them for what's to come. When asked about timing, Jesus gives cryptic answers and then ascends. Sarcastic angels remark on their fixation with timing, urging them to focus on living for the kingdom now.

What does the Ascension mean in 2024?

Jesus is king, seated at the right hand, as Psalm 110:1 indicates. The Ascension was Jesus taking his throne, signifying the beginning of his reign.

All heaven and earth belong to him; evil was defeated in the cross and resurrection. Despite facing significant challenges, Jesus' reign assures us that he is more powerful than we can imagine.

We're empowered by King Jesus:

The Ascension reestablishes the connection between heaven and earth.

Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, we have the power of the king within us.

We are called to seek God in prayer, experience his power, and share his love.

Love and power are essential; without them, our beliefs hold no weight.

While the world may be confusing, Jesus' omnipresence and attention give us hope. His return promises the ultimate healing of all things.

Celebrate Jesus as king in worship. Let him be your king, continually growing in your relationship with him. Allow him to send you out in power and love, even if you haven't figured it all out yet.

Join us as we explore the timeless significance of Jesus' ascension and its relevance to our lives today.