So, what is the Orchard Youth Ministry all about?

Our mission is connect students to Jesus and teach them to be disciples throughout the community.

Our purpose is to relate with students in such a way that they can ask honest questions about faith and make an honest decision to become a follower of Jesus. We invite students who have made the decision to follow Jesus to become fully devoted followers. Just like adults, Orchard students are invited to become fully devoted by participating in the five growth paths: worship, serve, grow, reach, and disciple. Read more here.

All Orchard Student ministry environments are built upon four basic principles:


Right when you enter our doors, you will notice something different. That difference is adult and student leaders who are truly glad to see you just as you are! Our students and leaders will do everything they can to make you feel welcome. You don’t have to meet any expectations or be “a certain way.” We love you just the way you are! We want to partner with you as we explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus together.


We believe that being in community together means having fun together. We also have fun together in our Grow Groups, a smaller “community” designed to get to know God and each other better. God is not boring and neither is the Orchard Student ministry.


We want to challenge you to move beyond the low expectations our culture has for teens and become responsible, risk-taking, respectful world changers who are not waiting to be the church . . . but who ARE the church today! We create an environment where you matter because you are using your God-given gifts to change the world. We encourage every teen to get plugged in and participate, not just be a spectator. We encourage teens to take on world changing leadership challenges off our campus so that we can partner with them to change the world for Jesus.


We believe that just about everything in life is about relationships! The more you get involved, the deeper and more meaningful your relationships and connection to others will be. God grows us in groups. We strive to create environments where teens really do know each other and where they really to care for each other on and off our campus.

Who We Are


Orchard Student Ministry is a dynamic ministry where students in 6th -12th grade gather to learn about how God can transform their lives.

Our ministries are friendly, fun, challenging, and relational. We consider our students the church of today and the church of the future. God is using students to change the world, and we are equipping them as they seek His plan and purpose for their lives.

Our largest weekly gathering is our Student Worship Night, ONE. We meet during the school year on Sunday nights at 5:00 for worship, food, and games. The Student Grow Groups are on Wednesday nights at 6:45.

You can always find out what is going on this Summer and after ONE starts at or at the Orchard Students Facebook page.

Drop off is at the main Worship Center at the sidewalk. Enter the double doors for first time and weekly registration. Questions? Email Kayla at:



Sunday Night Student Worship, ONE, is the first place to connect to the larger body of the Orchard Church. We strive to equip students in faith as they become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Serve Teams

All students at The Orchard are encouraged to serve in some way. Serve Teams are a great way to serve regularly. Whether you are a part of the Student Worship Team, Welcome Team, Audio/Visual Team, Set-Up and Clean-Up Team, or Registration Team, there is a place for everyone to serve on Sunday nights. Students also have the opportunity to serve alongside adults on Sundaymornings by helping with Kids Ministries, First Impression, and the AV Team. Spiritual growth happens when you learn to give your life away for the benefit of others.

Grow Groups

Grow Groups are the place to go deeper both in friendships and in your relationship with Jesus. Students will learn how God can transform their lives and how they can be a part of something bigger than themselves. Grow Groups often do things together outside the church such as sleep overs, camp outs, community service and lots of other events.

Volunteer at Church-wide Events

Students are a big part of the success of church wide events like Love Loganville and Vacation Bible Camp. We invite all Students to be volunteers so they can partner with the whole church in our mission to Be the Difference.

Sunday Worship

Worship is something that is very important to us. We believe that students are the Church NOW, not just the future. We believe that students need to serve and participate in worship alongside our adults. We believe in the power of multiple generations being together and this helps us grow deeper in our walk with Jesus Christ. We encourage you to join in Sunday worship at 10:30 A.M.

Contact Info

1950 Hwy 81 South,
Loganville, GA 30052


Featured Student Leader

Jenell Powell – Student Leader

I have been attending the Orchard since 2009 with my husband and 3 children. One of which is in now in our Student Ministry (I refuse to believe I’m this old!) I co-lead the Middle School Girls Grow Group on Wednesday nights and I love connecting and building relationships with each and every student! It is my desire to be there to encourage them, pray for them, and help them grow in their faith. I LOVE seeing the enthusiasm and passion our students have for Christ! They are a fun bunch!

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