Wendy Cordova

Hello, my name is Wendy and my most favorite (and most challenging) role is Mom. I am Mom to Iliana my 12 year old (who is already taller than me). We live in Loganville and share our house with George, a king charles cavalier. Iliana is a 6th grader at Loganville Middle School and she loves music, volleyball, her Mom (Duh!) and her phone. I am the pastor at The Orchard and love to read, exercise (actually, I love how I feel AFTER I finish exercise), and hanging-out with friends.

I am THRILLED to be the pastor of The Orchard. This simply means I get to love, serve, care, lead, nurture, and invest in the people who call this their church home. Oh, and I get to do something else I really love: I get to talk (a lot) about the goodness of God. I get to talk with people one on one about their pain, struggles, questions and joys. I get to talk to small groups, as we read God’s word and discuss life together. And every week I get to talk in front of a fun, loving, growing, imperfect (and a little crazy too) group of people.

The Orchard Church is known as the place where no perfect people are allowed so I fit right in!